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all natural award winning artisan gourmet hot sauces handcrafted in Lake Geneva Wisconsin


I really want to thank all of our very loyal customers for taking advantage of our Superbowl Sale! We have sold nearly 150 cases of sauce online during the sale and you guys have been able to purchase our sauces at wholesale price!! A win win as far as I am concerned! A lot more effort in packing and shipping the sauces but the bottom line is that we get the sauces into your hands at wholesale price! I’ve also noticed that you guys are stocking up on your favorites by the case now! And there is not one sauce that sells more than another, they all sell equally as well! So a big thank you! And if you haven’t taken advaantage of the sale you have until Sunday Night! We will also be notifying the winners of the Halloween Hell 2016 on our facebook page Sunday night. BTW if haven’t checked out our facebook page please do, thanks!