Blueberry Hell W/Carolina Reaper

The Original Blueberry Hot Sauce.
Blueberry Hell is a multi award winning hot sauce. Featuring the ultimate superfruit “the blueberry” and created with a special blend of hot and superhot peppers including the Carolina Reaper, fruit and honey to create a fantastic balance of sweet and heat! This sauce tastes great on just about anything including ice cream! Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the blueberries as you’ll “Feel the Heat” with this sauce. Heat level: 5/10.


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3 reviews for Blueberry Hell W/Carolina Reaper

  1. shadow4634

    My favorite hot sauce in the world for a while now.

  2. catfishcarl99

    If you thought deserts we not ment for hot sauce you have never has this. Love on a cream cheese bagel.

  3. timratliff88

    Love this Hot Sauce!! Great on ice cream!!

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