Fiery Fool Hot Sauce

This is our Hottest all natural sauce! This superhot sauce contains a pure mash ratio of over 80% of the hottest and most delicious peppers in the world. The 7-Pot Primo, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and the Ghost Pepper. Complemented with sun dried tomatoes, garlic, sea salt and a splash of lemon juice. This sauce has a delicious superhot flavor and goes well on anything you want to add some extra heat to. This is a full 5 oz bottle of superhot goodness. Very Hot! Use Caution and Enjoy! Heat level 10/10.


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2 reviews for Fiery Fool Hot Sauce

  1. Pat Ball

    This was the first sauce ever where I ordered a second bottle immediately after tasting my first one so I wouldn’t run out. Great flavor and heat, it’s a staple in my rotation now.

  2. Adam

    I love the sundried tomato flavor followed by the cumin. I put it on everything except dessert. It has become my favorite hot sauce.

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