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Zombie Snot Hot Sauce on Tacos
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"The Critics Said It Would Never Sell...It’s Now Our Number One Seller!"

This is the best salsa verde sauce in the universe! Winning dozens of awards including 1st Place in last years NYC Hot Sauce Expo. This sauce is The Bomb! Give it a try and see why its won so many awards and is a customer favorite! This is a 6 out of 10 on our Scoville Heat Scale.

Zombie Snot hot sauce from Hellfire Hot Sauce
Green Verde Zombie Snot Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
Hellfire Hot Sauce
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Hellfire Hot Sauce "ZOMBIE SNOT" The World's Best Hot Verde Sauce!


Zombie Snot is our answer to a chilehead salsa verde green sauce. This insanely fresh & tasty sauce is amped up using green superhots including the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad & Moruga Scorpions and Bhut Jolokia rounded out with the delicious flavor of the Jalapeno and Seranno peppers, roasted garlic, Granny Smith Apples, Tomatillos, Cilantro, Scallions and Lime Juice. Considered one of our milder sauces this still packs a punch! Not just another green salsa verde sauce. Enjoy the amazing fresh flavor of this sauce on virtually anything.
Heat level: 5/10.


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Fresh Flavor
Heat level: 5/10
Great on everything


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Disgusting Name, Delicious Sauce: All About Zombie Snot

It‚Äôs not a secret that we pride ourselves on¬†two¬†things when we design our sauces ‚ÄĒ


Number one is the heat our hottest sauces bring to the table.


We named it Hellfire Hot Sauce, for habanero’s sake. If we wanted to make mild sauces, we’d be named Pace. (Boom, roasted.)


And number two is the amount of flavor we’re able to pack in each sauce. It’s not just about being the hottest, but the hottest that you actually want to keep reaching for.


These two pillars of creation are the focus of every new sauce that we make, along with using feedback from our loyal chileheads to improve the sauces we already have and to branch out into making new sauces, too.

zombie hot sauce