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2018 Halloween Hell Release Tonight!

on October 31, 2018

Our 2018 Halloween Hell Art Bottle and Hot Sauce goes live on our website tonight at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. Only 24 will be released Worldwide! Created by the amazingly talented Greg Mathis. This bottle not only lights up but will be our HOTTEST release yet, containing pure 16 million Scoville Heat Unit Pepper extract. The art bottle will be accompanied by a resin sealed collectible woozy bottle and a taster bottle. We will also be listing our one of a kind airbrushed urban wear hats. Each one unique, signed, numbered and dated. If you see one you like make sure to grab it as there is only one of each available! In addition we also have some warehouse finds that we will release tonight to make it really interesting! The lost cigars, the bilingual triple and quadruple resined bottles and possibly a prototype or two! It’s gonna be a fun night! Happy Halloween!

Special discount code for the next 24 hours too! 33.3% off sauces ….enter HALLOWEEN