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The Hottest Sauces in the World at 6.66 Million SHU!

The Hottest Hot Sauces (16)

NEW! Double Doomed Rebooted! Hot Sauce Extreme Heat! Hellfire's Hottest Sauce!


DOOMED – the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World


Angry Orange - Cherry Orange Reaper Hot Sauce


HELLBOY – The Right Hand of Doom


KRANKED - Multi-Award Winning Black Garlic & Reaper Hot Sauce


Fiery Fool Hot Sauce


Extreme - Hellboy Hot Sauce


Firearrhea - Hot Sauce with the World's Four Hottest Peppers!


Fear This! - Award Winning Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce


Lucifer's Last Blast - A Wicked Reaper Hot Sauce!


First Blood - Flavorful and Extreme Hot Sauce


Legendary AF - Hellboy Hot Sauce


Evil Bastard - Our Extremely Hot Ghost Pepper Sauce


2022 Halloween Hell bottle


Hellfire Halloween Hell Limited Edition 2023 Hot Sauce


Maximum Heat! Hellfire's Hottest 3-Pack of Hot Sauces


The Hottest Hot Sauces from Hellfire  

Cross the rubicon and enter the world of true Hellfire. Our hottest hot sauces are world famous,  featured on Hot Ones, and winning foodie awards for bringing extreme heat and spices to the  deepest depths of destructive flavor. Chiliheads challenge each other to try our extreme hot  sauce collection for their incredible flavor and new levels of pain.  

Super hot Hellfire sauces are not for the faint of heart or the weak stomach. Our hottest sauces feature high capsicum levels that top the Scoville scale and can cause physical discomfort and  painful after effects. Lesser demons and laypeople are definitely going to feel the burn from  these extremely spicy hot sauces.  

How Hellfire Makes the Hottest Hot Sauces  

We start by growing the freshest exotic peppers like ghost peppers, Carolina Reapers, Trinidad  scorpions, habanero peppers, and 7 Pot Primo. Then we combine these powerful beasts with  black garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and fruit juices to balance the bitter taste and create the super  hot sauces that make Hellfire famous.  

Hellfire’s super-hot hot sauces contain high levels of chili peppers and pepper mashes,  combined with fresh garlic, sun dried tomatoes and spices that raise some to millions of  Scovilles. Our sauces go beyond hot buffalo wings to challenge the tolerance of the Devil  himself. Try Kranked, which was #9 on Hot Ones and took first at the International Flavor  Awards and the New York Hot Sauce Expo, or Fear This!, which won the coveted title of  Grand World Champion at the same expo.  

Looking for the Hottest Hot Sauces We Make?  

All of the hot sauces in this collection are dangerously and deliciously hot, but if you are looking  for more Hellfire award-winning labels and Legendary AF names, look into the licensed Hellboy  sauces and take the Hellboy challenge, or test yourself on the hottest sauces making grown  men cry on Hot Ones.