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Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Sauce from Hellfire

Get answers to the hottest questions about Hellfire’s artisanal hot sauce products.

DOOMED hot sauce from Hellfire is the hottest hot sauce in the world, with the exception of straight pepper extracts. Testing at 2.76 million Scoville heat units, DOOMED is not only Hellfire’s hottest sauce, it's the hottest sauce on the market.

We rank our sauces from mild spiciness to extremely hot based on the science of Scoville heat units and flavor testing.

  • Our mild hot sauces are bursting with flavor and score 2-3 out of 10 on our heat scale and are the perfect way to add hot sauce to recipes or the family table.
  • Medium sauces bring the heat and balance with bold spices and a heat score of 3-6 of 10 to let you enjoy the flavor.
The enormous heat of our super hot sauces have the highest Scoville heat ratings and will really set your mouth on fire at 7-15 out of 10 on the Hellfire heat scale.

Hellfire hot sauce products top out the scale with sauces as hot at 6.66 million Scovilles. Using hot pepper mash and pepper extracts, many of our hot sauce formulas score in the millions of Scoville heat units.

Our Fan Favorites are some of our most popular hot sauces, available in a custom 4-pack to keep everyone’s favorite on hand. Get a taste of what others can’t get enough of with some of these best sellers:

  • Zombie Snot is the green legend. Balanced with fruit and spices for a steady 5/10 on our heat scale, this balanced concoction is always popular.
  • Fear This! is an award-winning sauce earning many national awards including the Grand World Champion at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and also appeared on the popular “Hot Ones” T.V. show! Fear This! scores up to 2.2 million SHUs and brings amazing head and flavors to any dish with sun-dried tomatoes and spices.
  • Join us in Blueberry Hell—where the bliss of blueberry meets the fire of the Carolina Reaper. Surrender to sweet heat!
  • Fiery Fool is our hottest sauce made without extracts, featuring 85% percent of peppers, including the Carolina Reaper, 7 pot Primo Trinidad Scorpion, and Bhute Jolokia ghost peppers.
  • Hellboy The Right Hand of Doom features red habanero peppers and Trinidad Scorpion, spiced with pepper extracts scoring 6.66 million SHUs. Use extreme caution.
  • Doomed is the hottest sauce in the world and is sure to bring spicy food to a new dimension! Featuring Trinidad Scorpions, Red Habaneros and a 6.66 million SHU natural pepper extract, use extreme caution! This is the hottest sauce in the world. Use extreme caution.

This is a difficult question to answer, because we have so many kinds of sauces and many of them go with sweet, savory, or grilled meals. If we have to choose one, we recommend the Chilimaster’s Private Reserve. With chipotle, smoked habanero peppers, vinegar, and delicious fruit components, this sauce has a mild heat level 2/10 and can even be used for dipping or BBQ.

Hellfire Hot Sauce has won hundreds of Industry Awards for our gourmet artisan sauces. We are proud of our competitive wins around the country. Just a few recent awards include:

  • International Flave Awards in Madison, Wisconsin, for several XHot categories, including 1st place for our Devils Blend Bourbon Chipotle Sauce
  • ZestFest Fiery Food Challenge in Dallas, Texas, where 9 of our artisanal sauces won awards, including 3 Golden Chili’s
  • National Fiery Foods & BBQ Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in categories like All-Natural and XHot Salsa
As well as numerous awards every year at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, where we recently won 8 Screaming Mi Mi Awards in several categories, including Best Jalapeño, Triple X Hot and Pepper Blend.

Our sauces are carried by thousands of gourmet food hot sauce shops worldwide. The following distributors and retail stores carry Hellfire Hot Sauce products:

  • Peppers.com
  • Hot Shots Distributing Inc.
  • Sauceworks
  • Mix and Match Distributors
  • Heatonist
  • Fuego Box
  • Hot Headz
  • Hot Licks
  • Sauces Picantes
  • Heat Supply Netherlands
  • Chili Saucer
  • Chili Chile’s
  • Web Foodies
  • Lucifers House of Heat.

In order to inquire about becoming a wholesale distributor of our signature products or hot sauce merchandise, complete the form here. Anyone can use a coupon code for discounts or can order a 4-pack, 12-pack, or single-sauce case for on-the-spot savings.

Our hot sauces are famously featured on Hot Ones, and you can choose from all our Hot Ones- featured products or get a 4-pack of favorites from the show at a discount.

Hellfire Hot Sauce is always made from the highest ingredients available. We use the freshest peppers, chili sauces, spices, and natural ingredients from local farms. All of our hot sauces are plant based and most are vegan and keto-friendly. Please check labels for details and possible allergens.

You can use Hellfire hot sauces in main courses, on the grill, and even for spicy desserts. There’s no recipe that can’t use a hot sauce, in our opinion, but we are happy to share some of our favorite hot sauce recipes for you to try.

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If you have more questions before you buy, you can contact us anytime to learn more about our signature hot sauces.