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Same Sauce 4-Packs (42)

2022 Halloween Hell 4 pack (Limited Time Offer)


Angry Orange/Tangerine Hell Combo 4 Pack






Bloody Snot - Red Reaper Garlic Hot Sauce (4 Pack)




Tangerine Hell 4 Pack


Angry Orange 4 Pack


Kranked 4 Pack


Fire Roasted Red Reaper & Garlic Hot Sauce (4 Pack)


Devil’s Blend Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce 4 Pack


Devil’s Blend Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 4 Pack


Evil Bastard 4 Pack


Elixir 4 Pack


Stock up on your favorite hot sauce with a same sauce 4-pack from Hellfire Hot Sauce. We offer 10% off the single bottle price when you buy 4 of our popular hot sauces direct from the flavorful chili pepper cauldrons of the Sauceress herself.

Get Extra Savings on Extremely Hot Sauces

Choose the extra heat of our spicy hot sauces made with Carolina Reaper hot peppers and natural spices that bring flavor and heat to all your favorite dishes. Put away a few bottles of one of our mild sauces like the smoky flavor of the Chilimaster’s Reserve with bourbon, chipotle, and smoked habanero peppers, or up your Scoville rating with the extreme black garlic and Reaper hot sauce KRANKED. 

You can even get the multipack price on our special Angry Orange and Tangerine Hell 4-pack, bringing the heat of Carolina Reaper hot peppers together with 10 different fruits for the freshest citrus spice you’ve ever tasted. With a money-saving bundle of our original hot sauces you can juice up the heat level on pizza, steak, tacos, chicken, fish and desserts and never run out of your favorite flavor.

Hellfire Handcrafted Sauces Have Complex Flavor Profiles

Most of our signature creations are vegan hot sauces made with pepper mash and all-natural ingredients. Our pepper sauces surpass what you find in grocery stores, because we use only the freshest peppers, fruits, and spices. We don’t use food additives, liquid smoke, or shortcuts.

With the perfect blend of sweet and savory sauces in any combination of heat levels, you can spice up meats and poultry for new depth and complexity in all your dishes. Keep those extra bottles lined up for grilling chicken breasts, cooking steaks, or making scrambled eggs to kick off mornings the Hellfire way. Even ice cream and french fries get a taste when you have extra bottles on hand.

Save 10% Today on a Fiery 4-Pack

Choose a same sauce 4-pack today to stock up on our most popular sauces for your favorite hot and easy chicken recipes or to shake up the family BBQ. Get into spicy desserts with sweet flavors or do a Hot Ones-style taste test with our most extreme sauces for buffalo wings. Save on a 4-pack of your favorite Hellfire sauce or mix and match with a custom variety pack or ready-made gift set to explore more flavors to add to your list of favorites.