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Same Sauce 12-Packs (40)

Angry Orange 12 Pack Case


2022 Halloween Hell 12 pack (Limited Time Offer)


Bloody Snot - Red Reaper Garlic Hot Sauce (12 Pack)


Fire Roasted Red Reaper & Garlic Hot Sauce (12 Pack)


PURE HELL 12 Pack Case


Tangerine Hell 12 Pack Case


Kranked 12 Pack


Devil’s Blend Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce 12 Pack Case


Devil’s Blend Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce 12 Pack Case


Elixir 12 Pack Case


When there is one of our premium sauces you just can’t live without, stock up with a same sauce 12-pack. True hot sauce lovers save 20% over the single bottle price. Pack your pantry at the hot sauce case price or keep some handy to gift your family and friends with your favorite premium hot sauces from Hellfire.

Savor the Flavor with a Hot Sauce Bundle

When hot taco sauce barely makes you break a sweat, you can bundle up with the pure scorching bliss of your favorite heat level and original flavors from Hellfire. Choose a case of the sweet and spicy smoky flavor of The Elixir, or fire up the Scoville scale with Not Your Mama’s BBQ hot sauces in Apricot Reaper or Pineapple Fatalli flavors.

For a (relatively) mild hot sauce with a sweet kick, try a case of Devils Gold. The signature verde medium heat of Zombie Snot or the extreme heat of Hot Ones or Hellboy licensed potions give you more heat for your money in a cost-saving pack of hot sauces sure to blow the minds of chili lovers and win the hearts of true chiliheads.

Award-Winning Hot Sauce Cases at a Hot Price

By stocking up on the delicious flavors of the hottest peppers in the world, including Carolina Reapers, red habaneros, ghost peppers, and others, you will never be without the kick of heat you crave. Choosing Hellfire’s bulk hot sauce case with free shipping is the most cost-effective way to buy your favorite sauces without becoming a wholesale partner.

Stock Up on Authentic Artisanal Handcrafted Sauces

You can put back a couple bottles of boring hot sauce in your cupboard, or stock up on truly authentic and natural vegan hot sauces from Hellfire. Our signature flavor combinations are perfectly balanced with unique recipes that create unforgettable flavors for pizza, steak, tacos, desserts, rice dishes, and blazing hot wings.

Add smoky flavor while cooking steaks or seafood with Carolina Reaper chili peppers and complementing flavors of fruit, ginger, bourbon, bacon, maple, or black garlic. With unforgettable flavors you can add to any dish, a full case of your favorite hot pepper sauce will bring you a year’s worth of burning satisfaction at a money-saving price. 

Smart Deals on Insane Hot Sauces from Hellfire

Saving 20% on 12 bottles of hot sauce makes the same sauce case option an ideal gift pack for the true chilihead in your family. Or spread the wealth and save on a variety pack where you can mix and match different flavors in a flaming 4-pack or a twisted 12-pack you design yourself. There is just no such thing as too much Hellfire in the house.