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Hellfire Hot Sauce

Featured Gourmet Hot Sauces

Hellfire Hot Sauce creates some of the world’s hottest  and most flavorful hot sauces for true chiliheads, hot sauce competitions, and flavor aficionados that want to feel the burn. Many of our fan favorites, limited edition collectibles, and famous sauces featured on Hot Ones score extremely high on the  Scoville heat scale. Our extremely hot sauces should be handled with caution!

But fear not, we have gourmet hot sauces from mild to wild, featuring a wide variety of red, yellow, orange, green and even chocolate chile peppers including the famous Carolina Reaper. We don’t use food additives or fake flavors. Our natural and artisanal recipes are packed with sweet fruits, tangy spices, and smoky liquors for rich and bold flavors at all levels of the Scoville scale.

Each of our hot sauce recipes have been created by hand for the perfect blend of fire and flavor. Learn more about the history of Hellfire Hot Sauce and our mission, or just browse our selections of the hottest hot sauces in the world, sweet and hot verde sauces, extra spicy hot wing sauce favorites, and signature limited edition collections with the unique handcrafted heat of Hellfire.

NEW! Double Doomed Rebooted! Hot Sauce Extreme Heat! Hellfire's Hottest Sauce!


Hellfire Halloween Hell Limited Edition 2023 Hot Sauce


Angry Orange - Cherry Orange Reaper Hot Sauce


NEW! Infierno De Ajo Rojo - Red Garlic Spicy Taco and Burger Sauce!


NEW! Infierno De Ajo Verde - The Ultimate Taco Sauce


NEW! Apricot Reaper - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce 5oz


NEW! Pineapple Fatalli - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce 5oz


ZOMBIE SNOT - The World's Best Hot Verde Sauce!


Blueberry Hell - Gourmet Dessert Hot Sauce With Carolina Reaper


2022 Halloween Hell bottle


DOOMED – the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World


The Sauceress's Private Reserve -Gourmet 7- Pot Primo Hot Sauce


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Choose a red hot Hellboy bundle, try a Hot Ones Challenge Pack, or create your own gift pack for family and friends. Whether you need a flavorful verde sauce with tomatillos and Carolina Reapers, a wing fest sampler, or a sweet hot pepper heat for desserts, we’ve got you covered with a Hellfire 4-pack.

We use only the finest peppers and mashes for our gourmet sauces, combined with many flavor components  to create the ultimate heat and flavor experience that is not for the faint of heart. We give you all the flavor you want and all the heat you need! From red Carolina Reapers to the bright green jalapenos, we give you extreme heat and intense flavor that will have you screaming from South Carolina to California. We are not afraid of taking chances to bring you the most flavorful sauces you have ever experienced!

$59 Mystery Case of Hellfire Hot Sauce The Ultimate Gift for the Chilehead in your Life!


Red and Green Hellfire Black Label Combo Pack Extra Spicy Hot Sauce


World's Best Sweet & Savory 4 Pack!


"Need for Heat" Mystery Box! Get a Case of 12 Superhot Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauces for Only $99 Free Shipping


Hot Ones Challenge “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Maximum Heat! Hellfire's Hottest 3-Pack of Hot Sauces


Dessert Sauces “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


2023 Halloween 4 Pack Our Favorite Award Winning Hot Sauces!


Next Door Pub Set with Bourbon Chipotle, Red Jalapeno & Next Day You Pay Hot Sauce 3 Pack


Debate Mystery Box!


Medium Heat “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Screaming Mimi Award Winners “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


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HELLFIRE Pure Hell (Womans)


Official Hellfire Hot Sauce Hoodie as seen on "SUPERHOT" Johnny Scoville


Hellfire’s Hottest Hot Sauce Recipes

Cooking with the most flavorful hot sauces in the world is easy. Shake a few drops to taste on your taco shells or flour tortillas for a punch to your favorite taco or burrito recipe, baste on the grill, or dip in for extra heat at the table. Spice up your recipes for mind-blowing Hellfire seasoned:

1. Burgers, steaks, and grilled vegetables

2. Cheese melts

3. Black beans and refried beans with homemade salsa verde

4. Chicken wings, boneless hot wings, chicken salad, and grilled chicken breasts

5. Tacos for every day of the week, including breakfast tacos, vegetarian tacos, and fish tacos

6. Quesadillas and tostadas on corn tortillas with a fresh green salsa or green chile sauce

on September 26, 2022
on September 25, 2022
on September 24, 2022

Latest News from the Depths of Hellfire

Learn more about the all-natural pepper sauces from Hellfire and go deep into the hottest news and hot pepper wisdom with our blog posts and news releases. Excite your mind as well as your taste buds and join us on the journey. Follow us on Facebook for the latest on what’s happening with your Hellfire Family!

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