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Hot Ones (6)

KRANKED - Multi-Award Winning Black Garlic & Reaper Hot Sauce


Devil’s Blend - Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce


Fear This! - Award Winning Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce


Fiery Fool Hot Sauce


Hot Ones Challenge “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


NEW Hot One’s “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Hot Ones Hot Sauces from Hellfire  

If you’ve seen Hot Ones, you know that it features some of the world’s hottest sauces, and that  Hellfire sauces often make that lineup. Often in one of the hottest positions, including #9, these  Hot Ones challenge sauces bring the fiery entertainment home. Can you face off against the  hottest hot sauces in existence?  

Take the Hellfire Hot Ones Hot Sauce Challenge  

Test yourself with one of these famous hot sauces featured on Hot Ones, or get a Hot Ones Sauce Pack and bring these saucy stars home for your own searing hot, screaming face, crying  in pain hot sauce challenge. Use caution and be ready to face the hottest pepper sauces  anywhere.  

Kranked. Award-winning heat from Carolina Reapers and black garlic, Kranked is easily the  best-tasting super hot sauce out there. One of our most famous hot sauces on Hot Ones, it was  featured in season 16 at spot #9. Krank up the Scoville scale with this challenging creation from  Hellfire.  

Fear This! Another award-winning Hellfire sauce featured on Hot Ones, Fear This! has a high  mash content of Carolina Reapers blended with spices, lime, and ginger. Hotter than ghost  peppers, the Reaper peaks at 2.2 million Scoville units. This blistering beauty was seen in  season 8, at position #9.  

Fiery Fool. A pure 80% mash of the world’s hottest peppers make Fiery Fool famous for sheer  lava heat without the use of pepper extracts or food additives. Fiery Fool is one of the world’s  hottest hot sauces without these additions, and was a blazing challenge on season 6 of Hot  Ones in spot #9.  

Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper. While not the hottest sauce in season 14 of Hot Ones in spot  #4, this is another example of a delicious sauce made from fire-roasted hot peppers, with the  sweetness of apples, lime, and spices. Healthy and addictive, the sweet, sharp flavor of this  blend blows away the warm-up rounds. 

Taste the Hellfire Flavors Featured on Hot Ones  

Hot Ones on YouTube challenges celebrities and famous foodies with the hottest buffalo wings ever created. The Hellfire sauces made from Carolina Reaper peppers rise above red habanero and ghost peppers to blow away the competition for balanced flavor and heat.  

Chiliheads the world over can now take the Hellfire Hot Ones challenge. Try our original Hot  Ones Challenge pack or the New Hot Ones 4-pack today to bring these famous flavors home.  Can you endure the burn?