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Devil's Blend - Fire Roasted Reaper & Garlic Salsa


Devil’s Blend - Our Multi-Award Winning Fire Roasted Reaper Salsa Verde


Hellfire’s Signature Spicy Salsa Collection

The gourmet salsas from Hellfire will turn your head around and reignite your love of authentic spicy salsa made with fresh ingredients. At Hellfire, we make our handcrafted salsas with the same fresh hot peppers we use in our red and green hot sauces, with our signature heat and flavor in a milder form that is perfect for dipping, topping, and spicing up a party. They’re so delicious they placed 1st in the All Natural Salsa and XXX Hot Salsa categories in the 2023 Scovie Awards!

Our Fiery Salsa Collection

We use the signature flavors of Carolina Reapers and cayenne peppers in Devil’s Blend Fire Roasted Reaper and Garlic Salsa. Blended with chunky fire roasted tomatoes and red jalapenos, this hot salsa is mellowed with spices, scallions, and roasted garlic. With a milder heat level of 3/10, this red salsa brings mind blowing flavor to tortilla chips, chili, and tostadas. Top burritos with this garlic forward masterpiece and savor the flavor profile of red peppers, fresh tomatoes, and cilantro.

Mirroring the flavors of our famous verde hot sauces and mexican green sauce, our Devil’s Blend Fire Roasted Reaper Salsa Verde has sweet heat and the perfect blend of hot salsa and tart green apple. Fire roasting green reaper peppers and garlic to blend with scallions and cilantro make this green salsa the perfect condiment for quesadillas, refried beans, guacamole, and everywhere you love a good salsa verde. This fresh verde was voted the best taco sauce!

Our Signature Salsa Recipes Round Up the Awards

Hellfire’s homemade salsa recipe gets a jump start from our award winning hot sauces and green sauces that are bursting with pure pepper mash with sweet and spicy notes.Bringing these rich earthy flavors to a milder and more rustic salsa format has taken the flavor award circuit by storm.

Hellfire Salsas have earned awards all over, including:

  • 2022 1st place Scovie for Best Salsa Verde
  • Best Taco Sauce by the National Pepper Awards
  • 2022 1st Place at the National Fiery Food Show

Spice Up Your Salsa Appreciation Party

You can browse recipes using Hellfire Hot Sauce, Verde Sauce, and Salsa for pasta, burgers, grilling, and desserts. For the ultimate party flavor, bundle Hellfire BBQ Sauce and Salsa in a 4-pack, or try the most popular verde sauces bundled with salsa verde for the greenest get-together you can imagine.