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Hot Sauce Gift Packs (37)

$59 Mystery Case of Hellfire Hot Sauce The Ultimate Gift for the Chilehead in your Life!


Red and Green Hellfire Black Label Combo Pack Extra Spicy Hot Sauce


World's Best Sweet & Savory 4 Pack!


"Need for Heat" Mystery Box! Get a Case of 12 Superhot Hellfire Gourmet Hot Sauces for Only $99 Free Shipping


Hell of a Deal "Verde" Our favorite green sauces! Hellfire Hot Sauce


Hot Ones Challenge “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Maximum Heat! Hellfire's Hottest 3-Pack of Hot Sauces


Hellboy Movie “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Hell of a Deal "ROJO" Our favorite red sauces! Hellfire Hot Sauce


Devil's Blend “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Dessert Sauces “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


2023 Halloween 4 Pack Our Favorite Award Winning Hot Sauces!


Next Door Pub Set with Bourbon Chipotle, Red Jalapeno & Next Day You Pay Hot Sauce 3 Pack


Hell of a Deal "Extreme Heat" Hellfire Hot Sauce


Hell of a Deal "The Characters!" Hellfire Hot Sauce Gift Pack


Favorite Verde “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Hell of a Deal "Sweet & Savory" 4-pack Hellfire Hot Sauce


Hell of a Deal "Sweet Heat" Hellfire Hot Sauce


The Scoville Extreme Heat “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Not Your Mama’s BBQ Hot Sauce 2 Pack 5oz bottles


Medium Heat “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


The Hellfire Hot Sauce "Snot Pack" Gift Pack


Screaming Mimi Award Winners “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Sweet & Hot! “Hot Sauce” Gift Pack


Hellfire Gift Packs and Signature Collections

Looking for the perfect gifts for hot sauce lovers and Hellfire aficionados around the world? Or maybe you want to expand your burning horizons with a new curated collection of our fan favorite hot sauce 4-packs for your own table. Either way, these burning gift packs have the perfect peppers to challenge budding chiliheads and hardcore hot sauce enthusiasts alike.


Hellfire’s Ultimate Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Pick the ideal gift for someone who is sweet and hot—or devilishly daring—with four bottles of the best hot sauces from Hellfire that are designed to get your hot sauce lovers all fired up. Our collections feature famous sauces from Hot Ones and officially licensed Hellboy potions that score in the millions of SHU (Scoville Heat Units).

Choose one of these fiery gift sets from the depths of Hellfire to thrill the heat seeker in your life:


  • Devil's Blend Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Chiliheads sell their souls for this one.
  • Sweet & Hot! Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Starts sweet and sneaks the heat.
  • Medium Heat Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Ease your way into the burning heat levels of hell.
  • Hot Ones Challenge Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Let your hot sauce loving friends take the challenge.
  • Screaming Mimi Award Winners Hot Sauce Gift Pack - A screaming hot selection of sauces.
  • Dessert Sauces Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Top the coolest desserts with a burning sweetness.
  • Creature Features Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Help hot sauce lovers face the monsters of fiery vengeance.
  • Tacos Everyday Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Take Taco Tuesday to the next level of pepper madness.
  • Wingfest Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Stop winging it and try these famously hellish hot wing sauces.
  • Next Day You Pay Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Give the sauce gift that keeps on giving.
  • Hellboy Movie Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Join the ranks of the Devil’s minions.
  • Mild Hot Sauce Gift Pack - For friends and family still learning to take their full dose of daily heat units.
  • Favorite Verde Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Green sauces that blow their cool cover.
  • The Scoville Extreme Heat Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Scientifically the highest scoring sauces in Scoville Heat Units (SHU).
  • NEW Hot Ones Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Catch up to the blazing newest season with these Hot Ones to complete your collection.
  • The Hellfire Hot Sauce "Snot Pack" Gift Pack - Find out what’s hot and what’s snot with these fan favorites.
  • RED/GREEN Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Red peppers. Green peppers. Living in fiery harmony.
  • Pasta la Vista Baby! Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Spice up that pasta sauce for an offer they can’t refuse.
  • Vegan Hot Sauce Gift Pack - When you only want your human friends to feel the heat.
  • Pizza Party Hot Sauce Gift Pack - Add the hottest peppers to your pizza pie.

How Hellfire Hot Sauce Is Made

At Hellfire, we create artisan hot sauces using the hottest peppers and pungent spices for a perfect blend of mind-blowing flavors. Blends feature fruit, honey, black garlic, ghost peppers, and the Carolina Reaper, which may be the hottest pepper in the world.

Most of our sauces are vegan and organic, using only pure pepper mash to create the highest Scoville ratings without using pepper extracts. Some of our hottest sauces do contain pepper extracts to blow up the Scoville scale. Our sauces are not for the faint of heart, but offer award-winning flavors and famous heat challenges in every gift pack.


Looking for Custom Packs and Other Exclusive Items from Hellfire?

Would you rather build your own custom hot sauce gift set with 4 or 12 bottles of Hellfire hot sauces you choose yourself? Check out our custom 4-packs and cases for more of the mind-blowing heat in a truly memorable gift.