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OUR STORY: How Hellfire Hot Sauce Was Spawned

Hellfire Hot Sauce Inc. was established in 2009 by Diana (The “Sauceress”) and Merle (The “Chilimaster”) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Hellfire Hot Sauce Inc. was established in 2009 by Diana (The “Sauceress”) and Merle (The “Chilimaster”) in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Merle and Diana had been growing and cooking with fresh heirloom tomatoes, superhot chili peppers, vegetables, herbs and spices, and sharing them with family, friends and coworkers for many years prior to starting the company. Hellfire Hot Sauce was launched with the intent of sharing the heat level, quality, and taste they had enjoyed for so many years with the rest of the world.

Planting the Seeds of Hellfire

The focus from the start was on creating great hot sauces that would provide the extreme heat and flavor that chiliheads crave without the need for pepper extracts.

The Chilimaster has been growing the best peppers for over thirty years and uses his experience in combining different chile profiles and other natural ingredients to create flavorful and unique sauces that provide Chiliheads with all the heat they need and all the flavor they want.

At Hellfire, the motto is “Setting the world on fire with flavor one bottle at a time!”

Hellfire Hot Sauce has also been referred to as the Iron Maiden of Hot Sauce. Our goal is not only to bring amazing naturally flavored sauces to the world but great art that every chilihead can enjoy and share with their friends!

The Hot Papper Awards 8th Annual Winner

What’s in the World’s Hottest Sauces?

Hellfire Hot Sauce was featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine as one of the healthiest hot sauces on the market. Most of our products are vegan and organic, making Hellfire the perfect hot sauce for the health-conscious chilihead.

The freshest ingredients add flavor to create a perfectly balanced sauce without food additives. Our original hot sauce and all of our latest creations feature ingredients like:

  • Mango and pineapple
  • Papaya and watermelon
  • Prickly pear cactus
  • Mandarin orange
  • Peach, pear, and apple
  • Vanilla bean and chocolate
  • Ginger, beet, and tomatillo
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Red Thai curry
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Salt and other natural spices

We infuse some of our sauces with liquors such as Caribbean spiced rum, cinnamon whisky, and bourbon. We even have a lineup of spice rubs for every heat tolerance level, ranging from mild to extremely hot.

The Hottest Peppers Bring the Hellfire

From our mild to our extremely hot sauces, we use only the finest, freshest, and most powerful hot peppers for amazing flavor combinations and different ratings on the Scoville scale. Our pepper sauces feature bell peppers, Hatch, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, ghost peppers, 7-Pot, and many more. We create the hottest hot sauces without pepper extracts, and also brew up extract boosted fire bombs that score in the million Scovilles. Hellfire has some of the highest scoring hot sauces in the world.

Hundreds of Awards and Culinary Recognition

As soon as we brought some of the hottest hot sauce in the universe out on tour, the festival crowds were blown away. Starting with the coveted Lenny Awards in 2010 for the reviewers’ product line of the year, we have earned many awards from various hot sauce festivals across the country.

Just a short list of awards from various hot sauce festivals across the country for our artisanal pepper sauces includes:

Numerous magazines and shows have highlighted Hellfire’s hottest sauces and wing sauce flavor legends. Some of these include:

The Art and Style of Hellfire

Another one of our passions at Hellfire is to combine hot sauce with amazing artwork. As avid collectors of the unique and funky, the Chilimaster and the Sauceress wanted the bottle art to be as mind-blowing as the sauces themselves.

Starting out in 2009 with local artist Steve Batson and in 2011 collaborating with world-renowned artist and sculptor Dan Norton, Hellfire collectible art bottles have become world famous and collected on 5 continents.

Each year since 2009 we have created a Halloween Hell art bottle for a seasonal hot sauce, a Prestige art bottle, and special bottles for national hot sauce competitions and art shows. These bottles are anticipated by diehard collectors, often selling out in minutes after release, and are highly sought after on the secondary market. Both the sauces and collectible bottles have received fantastic reviews from the critics, customers and chiliheads around the world.

Hellfire has also teamed up with the extremely talented graphic artist Buddy Sypeck to create the coolest labels, posters, t-shirts, banners, and website in the industry. Our merchandise and hot sauce store website has won two first place awards, including a Scovie.

Hellfire Around the World

Hellfire Hot Sauce currently has major distribution in not only the USA but Canada, Switzerland, Europe and Australia. At Hellfire, Diana and Merle feel that they have just begun the journey and plan to continue to bring artisan hot sauces and collectibles to new levels and heights of heat!