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Mild Hot Sauces (12)

Devil’s Blend Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce Devil’s Blend Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce Devil’s Blend Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce Chocolate Cherry Hell


Hellfire Hot Sauce Vampira “Verde Venom” Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce David Shankle "Full Shred"


Hellfire Hot Sauce Devils Gold


Hellfire Hot Sauce The Chilimaster's Private Reserve


Hellfire Hot Sauce Ritual Habitual Hot Sauce


Hellfire Hot Sauce New Gourmet Green With Carolina Reaper!


Hellfire Hot Sauce Gourmet Red


Mild Hot Sauces from Hellfire  

Mild hot sauces from Hellfire are anything but laid-back. We create exquisite flavor profiles that  bring out the flavorful heat of the finest hot chili peppers mixed with sweet fruits, bourbon,  honey, and daring spices for delicious flavors that make your signature recipes sizzle. With heat  levels of 2-3 of 10, our mild hot sauces are perfect for cooking and finishing authentic dishes  that the entire family will enjoy.  

How Hellfire Makes Mild Hot Sauce  

Infusing hot peppers with fresh ingredients produces a balance of heat and flavor that is  enjoyable by anyone. At Hellfire, we make pungent sauces with a ton of flavor from some of the  best fresh peppers in the world. The mild versions have a hint of heat and avoid the mouth  burners like ghost peppers, while we roast our red jalapeño and habanero peppers to bring out  the sweetness.  

Hellfire’s artisan hot sauces have lots of flavor but are not spicy on the Scoville heat scale. (The  Scoville organoleptic test is a scientific measurement of the heat of hot chiles.) This collection of  our least spicy hot sauces has something to add a little heat and the flavor of love to all your  favorite fresh foods. Steak, chicken, eggs, burgers, and mild buffalo wings will find their perfect  flavor harmony here.  

Ready to Raise the Heat Level?  

The mild hot sauce lineup from Hellfire can rock the family palate and introduce you to fabulous  flavor combinations and the subtle differences between peppers that are low on the Scoville  scale. When you are ready to move on from the garage band phase and start raising the heat,  crank it up to our medium sauces or sample the super hot top products from Hellfire.  

You’ve seen these legendary artisan hot sauces on social media and wowing celebrities on  shows like Hot Ones. Hellfire has sauces from mild to mind-blowing, so start your exploration  with one bottle or a 4-pack flavor tour you choose yourself.