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BBQ Sauce & Salsa (13)

Devil's Blend - Fire Roasted Reaper & Garlic Salsa


Apricot Reaper - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce (12oz)


Pineapple Fatalli - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce (12oz)


Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce 2 Pack


BBQ/Salsa 4 pack (Limited Time Offer!)


NEW! Apricot Reaper - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce


NEW! Pineapple Fatalli - Not Your Mama's BBQ Hot Sauce


Limited Edition Hellfire Hot Sauce Not Your MaMa's BBQ Resin Sealed Signed Numbered Set


New! Half gallon Restaurant size BBQ Sauce


Hellfire Salsas

Salsa may be a staple on many tables, but you’ve never had a spicy salsa like these! Hellfire salsas set the bar for hot salsas with more kick than some taste buds can handle.


Devil’s Blend Fire Roasted Reaper & Garlic Salsa

Featuring fire roasted tomatoes, this red hot salsa is made with red jalapenos, Carolina Reapers, cayenne, onions, cilantro, sea salt, spices, and roasted garlic. This salsa ramps up the heat on tortilla chips, burgers, and in chili, and makes a deliciously spicy taco sauce.


Devil’s Blend Fire Roasted Reaper Salsa Verde

Like our Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce featured on Hot Ones, this fire roasted pepper salsa makes the others green with envy. Roasted green Reapers, roasted garlic cloves, apples, scallions, and cilantro round out the green madness. This award-winning recipe has earned blazing glory, including the 2022 1st Place Scovie for Best Salsa Verde and Best Taco Sauce by the National Pepper Awards.


Hellfire BBQ Sauces

Looking for the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce that sets your mouth on fire with the afterburn? Hellfire has the hot BBQ sauce recipes your mama never dreamed of mixing up.


Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce: Apricot Reaper

This sweet and spicy wonder has a Roma tomato base with fire roasted jalapenos and just the right amount of heat, with 25 natural ingredients, including apricots, honey, and maple syrup for the sweet heat. There’s even a little coffee for a rich complex barbecue sauce flavor that keeps the chiliheads coming back for more. This one is great as a dipping sauce or to make your chicken wings sing with smoky flavor.


Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce: Pineapple Fatalli

Looking for a spicy barbecue sauce that bursts with pineapple tartness and yellow super hot peppers from around the globe? This one is a little hotter still, with sweet fruits, honey, yellow 7-Pot and Scotch bonnet peppers. A glowing heat and sweet dipping sauce recipe that is a mind-blowing spicy BBQ sauce for wings and seafood, and adds smoky flavor to all kinds of grilled meats.


Get the Hottest Bundle in Spicy Barbecue

You can bring home all the Hellfire salsa and BBQ sauce options in a 4-pack and save on the sweetest and spiciest sauces for your next gourmet barbecue, cook-out, or ‚Äėcan you take the heat‚Äô home challenge. Looking for more of our signature hot sauces including some of the hottest sauces on the planet? Put together a lava hot custom 4-pack today.