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Fan Favorites (23)

Hellfire Black Label Green Sauce


Hellfire Black Label Red Sauce


NEW! Double Doomed Rebooted! Hot Sauce Extreme Heat! Hellfire's Hottest Sauce!


DOOMED – the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World


ZOMBIE SNOT - The World's Best Hot Verde Sauce!


Blueberry Hell - Gourmet Dessert Hot Sauce With Carolina Reaper


Bloody Snot - Red Reaper Garlic Hot Sauce


KRANKED - Multi-Award Winning Black Garlic & Reaper Hot Sauce


The Sauceress's Private Reserve -Gourmet 7- Pot Primo Hot Sauce


Elixir - The Award Winning Rum Infused Sweet Heat Hot Sauce


Fear This! - Award Winning Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce


$59 Mystery Case of Hellfire Hot Sauce The Ultimate Gift for the Chilehead in your Life!


XXX Embalmination - Vampira Verde Green Hot Sauce


Chocolate Cherry Hell - Gourmet Dessert Hot Sauce


Devil’s Blend Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce


Devil’s Blend - Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce


2022 Halloween Hell bottle


Hellfire Hot Sauce 2023 Halloween Hell the "Monsters" LTD ED Art Bottle


Red and Green Hellfire Black Label Combo Pack Extra Spicy Hot Sauce


Maximum Heat! Hellfire's Hottest 3-Pack of Hot Sauces


Next Door Pub Set with Bourbon Chipotle, Red Jalapeno & Next Day You Pay Hot Sauce 3 Pack


World's Best Sweet & Savory 4 Pack!


$35 Mystery pack


Fan Favorite Hot Sauces from Hellfire  

Ask our customers which is the best hot sauce from Hellfire and they will probably point you to  one of our Fan Favorites. These best sellers from our fiery lineup are high on the Scoville scale,  but still bring a balance of flavor and heat with fresh ingredients and incredible flavor  combinations.  

How Hellfire Makes Fan Favorite Hot Sauces  

We use the freshest hot pepper varieties and key balancing ingredients that enhance the flavor  of these fiery sauce stars. These four artisanal-style hot sauces are top sellers, and customers  ask for them time and time again. If you are not sure which of our original hot sauces to start  with, our Fan Favorites are a great choice!  

Fiery Fool. Our hottest pure hot pepper sauce, with an 80% pure mash ratio of some of the  hottest peppers in the world. The other 20% is sweet sun-dried tomato, garlic, sea salt, and  lemon juice. Featured on Hot Ones, Fiery Fool features Carolina Reaper, Trinidad scorpion, 7  Pot Primo, and ghost peppers.  

Hellboy The Right Hand of Doom. Officially licensed by the 2019 movie, The Right Hand of  Doom will crush you with Hellfire fury. Trinidad scorpion peppers and red habanero peppers are  spiked with pepper extract measuring 6.66 million on the Scoville heat scale. Use Hellboy  pepper sauces with caution and expect to experience the burning pits of hell.  

Zombie Snot. Always one of our fan favorite hot sauces is the fresh green legend known as  Zombie Snot. With a heat level of 5/10, this tasty hot sauce has a medium hot heat level created  with Carolina Reapers and green habanero peppers. Balanced with apples, tomatillos, cilantro,  roasted garlic and lime juice, this glorious sweet-hot potion goes on everything.  

Fear This! Fear the hot sauce, or love it like the NYC Hot Sauce Expo that gave it 1st Place in  the XXXHot category. As seen on Hot Ones and in Maxim Magazine, Fear This! showcases the  blistering heat of the Carolina Reaper pepper, with heat scores up to 2.2 million Scovilles. A  60% mash content is balanced with spices, sun-dried tomatoes, ginger, and cilantro. With a heat  score of 10/10, use caution and prepare to be scared.  

Experience All 4 Fan Favorites from Hellfire  

Put together a fan favorite sauce pack and run your own taste test of these legendary hot  sauces. Spice up buffalo wings or scrambled eggs with any of our habanero hot sauces, hot  chili sauces, or a super-hot variety spiked with Carolina Reaper peppers or natural chili pepper extracts. Save when you create your own 4-pack or put together a custom case of Hellfire  magic.