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Our Hot Ones History Lesson

on June 02, 2022

We get asked all the time about our sauces on the First We Feast sensation Hot Ones on YouTube. For the one of you that doesn’t know, the show pits host Sean Evans, a celebrity and 10 progressively hotter wings against each other in a gut-burning question-fest. It’s a great psychological feat that really throws the questionee off their game of just giving the same canned answers from every interview. You can only be so PC when you’re slowly being set on fire.


Ok, Tanner, now you’re up to speed.


It’s always an honor and privilege to be on the same board as some of the best (or worst) sauces on the planet, and for two seasons we were even in the coveted #9 position. 


The top spot is always reserved for the Hot Ones Heatonist sauce of the season, which for the last couple of seasons has been The Last Dab Apollo, the only sauce on the market with the Apollo Pepper. That’s the latest creation from Mad Pepper Scientist Smokin’ Ed Currie that topples the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X as the new King of Heat.


Now, let’s get into our sauces that have been on the show.


We first got started way back in season 6 at the #9 position with Fiery Fool


This season had the likes of Michael Cera (who got through it too easy, in my opinion), Jeff Goldblum (who escaped with a chill-inducing nibble) and Tom Segura (who lost his train of thought mid-word).


Nobody made it to the Hall of Shame in this season, though. Pity.


Let’s jump ahead a few to season 8, where again we were in the 9th spot. This time with Fear This!

 Shaq on Hot Ones

Here we had another dirty dozen, which included Ken Jeong (who overcusses while downing a pitcher of water), Shaq (who couldn’t quite make it past #9) and everyone’s favorite, Gordon Ramsay (who really can’t take his spice).


I feel proud knowing we were able to score one victory for the Hall of Shame. Yes, we toppled the giant himself, and Shaq had to bow out at Fear This!


Last, we move ahead to season 14, where we switched it up and dialed the heat down a little to the #4 spot with Devil’s Blend.


This one had celebrities like Anthony Mackie (who had to run off screen to, I imagine, vomit), Russell Brand (who again achieves enlightenment while trippin’ on capsaicin) and Steve-O (who did the unthinkable and poured sauce in his eye).


This one, again, had no big losers, but a lot of sweat and tears.


There was big recent news from Sean that this will be the first season back from Covid with live celebrities. The Zoom interviews are no more.


One final note about being on Hot Ones fairly regularly.


Sometimes you’re sort’ve “commissioned” to put together a new hot sauce that they can feature on the show. If it’s a sauce that’s not on the market yet, you have to keep it under wraps until the season airs. 


Well we’ve actually had a new sauce for a while that that we have been sitting on for the release of the new Season 16 of Hot Ones. 


Introducing Kranked! You can purchase here.

Hot Ones Kracked Hot Sauce

Hellfire is proud to have the #9 spot on Hot Ones once again! We upped the ante with both bold flavor and heat with this black garlic meets curry number. Carolina Reapers add a sinister delayed spice that won’t go quietly. Perfect for kranking up the volume on rich dishes like curries, mac and cheese or even short ribs. 

Check out season 16 below and watch Hellfire bring the heat with our new Kranked Sauce!

Jimmy Kimmel on Hot Ones