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Some Great New Sauces and Rubs!

on June 14, 2015

Things have been pretty crazy over the last few months! We’ve added 4 new sauces,5 Spice Rubs,Beef Sticks, Jerky and a couple new T-shirts! We are also working on several new products! In the mean time we have finally updated the website to include the long awaited Zombie Snot and Gourmet sauce along with two more sauces and the five spice rubs! We added 3 more great “Hell of a Deals” Including one that includes all 10 sauces for $89! And another that includes all five spice rubs for just $49! The Jerky and Beefsticks to come shortly. We also had an amazing time at the NYC Hot Sauce Festival and took back awards for Fear This!, Blueberry Hell and our new Gourmet sauce! Check it out and keep your eye out for new stuff including collectibles. Also a lot of shows coming up including two in Chicago! Keep on feeling the Heat!