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Disgusting Name, Delicious Sauce: All About Zombie Snot

on April 22, 2022

It’s not a secret that we pride ourselves on two things when we design our sauces —


Number one is the heat our hottest sauces bring to the table.


We named it Hellfire Hot Sauce, for habanero’s sake. If we wanted to make mild sauces, we’d be named Pace. (Boom, roasted.)


And number two is the amount of flavor we’re able to pack in each sauce. It’s not just about being the hottest, but the hottest that you actually want to keep reaching for.


These two pillars of creation are the focus of every new sauce that we make, along with using feedback from our loyal chileheads to improve the sauces we already have and to branch out into making new sauces, too.


Of all the sauces we’ve made, our Zombie Snot is by far the most popular. It’s light, crisp and fresh, but it still has some of the spice that Hellfire Hot Sauce is known for. We like to call it our answer to a chilehead’s verde sauce.


So first, a question. 


What is a verde sauce?

zombie hot sauce

It’s just a sauce that’s, well, green. With the different base ingredients, or using normal hot sauce ingredients that are in earlier stages of ripening, we’re able to keep the green color while making it a light, fresh sauce.


Instead of being tomato based, we use the tomato’s green-headed step-cousin, the tomatillo. Slightly more acidic with an earthy flavor, these are normally the base to any good green sauce. 


Of course, what sorta hot sauce company would we be if tomatillos were the base?

zombie hot sauce

What makes Zombie Snot different?


The base we dedided on for Zombie Snot is a green habanero pepper mash. I know we’re all familiar with the orange and red versions, but to keep our verde sauce a bright snot-green, we opted for the slightly less mature green habanero. Same pepper, it just laughs at all your fart jokes.


The problem with using peppers that are green (and a little less ripe) means we lost a little bit of the spice of the habanero. 


Well, we can’t stand for that. We never take spice away from our sauces. You deserve better than that.


So we came back in and added a green Reaper pepper mash. Even though it’s still not quite as spicy as the fully ripened Reaper, adding it spiked the Scoville’s up to around the 1,000,000 mark.


Now that the heat was taken care of, we had to round everything out with the great flavor that a sauce named Zombie Snot deserved. Shallots, garlic, spices, citrus and a little sweetness from the Granny Smith apples makes this a sauce at home on anything from pizza to burritos to scrambled eggs.


Or a spoon. 


Or, hell, if your name is Johnny Scoville, straight outta the bottle.


He gave an in-depth review on Zombie Snot here on his YouTube channel, Chase The Heat. He’s a true chilehead, swigging sauce from every bottle he reviews. But just a warning: watching his video will give you the overwhelming urge to eat Snot on everything.