DOOMED The World’s Hottest Sauce! 6.66 million SHU

Doomed is the Hottest Sauce in the World!!! Spiked with 6.66 million SHU natural pepper extract, this sauce tests out in the lab at 2.76 million SHUs! That’s hotter than any other hot sauce on the market.*
Just a dab will heat up any dish and satisfy the most extreme Chilehead. Once you try this sauce you will know that you are Doomed! Use with caution!
Heat Level: 15/10
*except straight extracts


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21 reviews for DOOMED The World's Hottest Sauce! 6.66 million SHU

  1. alnorton1 (verified owner)

    I bought a bottle with the intention of just letting it gather dust in my cupboard. But I opened it up one night after I took some pork tenderloins off the smoker. I put about a teaspoon sized amount of Doomed on a piece of pork tenderloin and went for the ride.

    It is definitely hot. No two ways about it. But I was surprised that it actually had some flavor happening rather than just burning off my tastebuds. I didn’t feel an immediate need for a glass of milk. It is a heat that intensifies over time. But I was never in misery. I would, and have, tried it a few times since. It’s still hot. But I still like it.

  2. Butch

    I’m reading these reviews and I’m questioning how many of you guys have a sickness like myself when it comes to hot sauce. I would think that if your gonna buy this sauce you’d be like me. Anyway I’m a big daves insanity fan. Too me, its the hottest sauce out there. Almost everyday ill make a porkroll, egg and chz sandwich and put about 20 drops of daves black label sauce on it. I push myself constantly. So I just got this sauce bc I was in a weird town with a hot sauce novelty shop. I went in and asked the man whats the hottest you got. He gave me this. Smells great. I dabbed it with my finger, its hot. But tomorrow is the real test. I’m gonna douse my egg sandwich with it. And ill give a follow up review

  3. Mike A

    I’m a die hard pepper head. I had eaten the world’s hottest Gummy Bear prior to trying this hot sauce. It is VERY VERY hot and the heat lingers. This sauce is hotter than that gummy bear by the way. I was dipping brisket in the sauce out of a teaspoon and it made my eyes water, but no death sweats. I did have a little heart burn later in the night, but it didn’t keep me up or give me the purge 5h!t$, but I could tell my system was trying to get the “poison” out.

    Overall, very enjoyable, but it’s so hot it blinds out the flavor, which is pleasant. If you could dial the heat WAAAAAAYYYYY back, it would make a great wing sauce.

    Consume at your own risk. Not everyone can handle the heat. It might kill you.

  4. tjmielenz (verified owner)

    I was in waaay over my head with this one. Being a relative newbie to hot sauces, I put 3 dabs of Doomed on my food and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. It felt as if someone put on a steel toe boot, set it on fire and kicked me in the stomach as hard as they could. I doubled over in agony and ran into the bathroom to throw up… I was finally able to make it back to my room where I couldn’t do anything except lay on my bed in the fetal position in agony for what seemed like an eternity.

    You want extreme? You found it with Doomed!

  5. Aidan

    My boss bought this and me and my co workers tried it. It took me 4 hours to get over the heat. My co worker was on the toilet for an hour and was on the verge of throwing up. Overall probably one of the hottest and spiciest hot souses I’ve had. Great taste as well

  6. Stanley Price

    My wife baught me this for Christmas, I usually put 1 drop in my bbq sauce and put it on my bbq burgers, its got a great taste and a good burn. Can’t handle 2 drops yet.

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Definitely a warm sauce, here is my video review!

  8. Keith

    I served in the marines and completed two combat tours to afghanistan. I have never been so close to death than when I ate a ritz cracker saturated in this hot sauce. It started off with a lot of heat, numbed my mouth than the tears and snot began to run. The sweats trailed shortly after the numbness trickled from my tongue to my mouth, down my throat. I started to pace and immediately thought I was going to $@&! Myself. I run to the nearest bathroom and completely derobbed. (as I was sweating profusely) pants were down to my ankles and my body couldn’t decide whether I need to throw up all internal organs and release than out of @$$. Sitting to kneeling, kneeling to sitting, until I had to just pace around. My stomach was in so much pain I couldn’t even stand upright. I had a co worker grab my truck and throw the AC so I can cool down. As if I was blackout drunk I passed out almost immediately of laying down in the truck. I woke up about 1.5hr later completely disoriented and slowly realizing what just happened. For 15min It felt like my body was shutting down and just wanted to give up.

  9. Jake M (verified owner)

    Delicious flavor, VERY HOT, strong and intense. Pairs well with anything you can pour it on or dip it in, especially chicken sammiches. Use sparingly.

  10. Theodore P Kornfeld

    Very HOT, Made me bust out a sweat I mean bad, thank you

  11. Saxon Steward (verified owner)

    Finally got this sauce and tried it. The taste is wonderful, and the heat is crazy. The now second hottest sauce in my collection is too hot for my roomate who has a decent tolerance for heat. Doomed though? It blows that sauce away easy, no questions asked. Completely worth the money, if you want heat this will 100% deliver.

  12. Ernie

    You have created a very superb sauce, delicious!

  13. David Lakomcik

    You want hot??? You got it..

  14. catfishcarl99

    This stuff will put chili heads on their knees. Wow its lights up anything. If you want hot. Look no further.

  15. grimm

    This is a wonderful hot sauce. A friend gave it to me because he didn’t like the pepper extract taste but I fell in love. As soon as he gave it to me I had to sample it by taking a taste straight from the bottle. I haven’t tasted anything as hot as this and I’ve been eating peppers since I was a child 20 some years ago. It is for sure worth a try

  16. address

    This is the hottest sauce I have EVER had! AND it tastes awesome! My new go to sauce when I really want to feel the heat!

  17. Sarah Thompson

    For the first time in my life, I could only finish half of my plate because I put too much of this sauce on it. Great unique flavor and amazing heat!

  18. Randy Johnston

    The Hottest sauce I’ve ever had! Damn that lit me up!

  19. Stephen Mcdowell (verified owner)

    Definitely the hottest, had a very intense heat for a long time, one of the hottest things I’ve ever had.

  20. Kevin Garrett

    Darn Hellfire,what were you thinking?! It’s a great sauce but, not to be rude, I spent most of the night in the bathroom…can’t wait to try this in my soup!😁⚰️

  21. John Landers

    Nothing hotter. Absolute death in a bottle.

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