Lucifer’s Last Blast A Wicked Reaper Hot Sauce!

Nothing gives the Devil his due like the Carolina Reaper! The Hottest pepper in the world! We packed nearly 65% pure Reaper mash in this sauce to give the Devil a run for his money! Stay clear of the Devil as he has his last Blast!

A wicked Reaper sauce!

May cause hiccups

May cause Capsacium cramps

Extremly Healthy

May be good for you

May cause Fiery Farts!

Extremely hot!

Use Caution



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  1. catfishcarl99

    First taste was on wings. Was not disappointed. Great sauce and the reapers deliver the heat. If you want a sonic boom on your food try this one.

  2. Jay Luka (verified owner)

    My first taste of this sauce coincided with a big sneeze. Strait up my nose. Take it from me, no fun. This sauce is great. Lots of pepper flavor, not sweet or vinegary and nice and thick. It’s pretty darn hot too. Highly recommended.

  3. Jay Luka (verified owner)

    My first taste coincided with a sneeze which sent this sauce straight up my nose! That’s never happened before and I don’t recommend it. Very good flavor and pretty darn hot. I really like it. Highly reccomended.

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