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Angry Orange/Tangerine Hell Combo 4 Pack - Angry Orange/Tangerine Hell Combo 4 Pack - Hellfire Hot Sauce
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    Angry Orange/Tangerine Hell Combo 4 Pack

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    We've put together this 4 pack so you have one to eat and one to keep of each of the sauces and save a few bucks!

    We've created a sauce with flavor to match that wonderful citrusy aroma released when you slice open a fresh superhot chilepper this sauce is sweet bright fresh and hot! Tastes great on everything! Enjoy!

    We also decided to release this sauce with the original label "Tangerine Hell" in a very limited quantity as many fans requested that we did. So these will become a collectors items in the future. We will also be including the Angy Orange prismatic sticker in all order while supplies last!

    Make sure to grab your "Angry Orange" T- Shirt too!


    This is a sweet fresh bright citrusy sauce. We've combined ten different fruits with the heat of the Caroline Reaper to create this amazing sauce! This is sure to brighten up any meal. Pour it on and enjoy!