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Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce 4 Pack - Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce 4 Pack - Hellfire Hot Sauce

    Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce 4 Pack

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    Our multi-award-winning recipe is a delicious blend of fire-roasted peppers, tomatillos, garlic, cilantro, Granny Smith green apples, scallions, lime, and spices. Low sodium and zero calories per serving. Extremely delicious and extremely healthy! This sauce may be addictive!

    Heat level is a 3/10.

    Vegan and Gluten-Free


    Customer Reviews

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    jeremy vogt
    I'm not a bot, this is the best green sauce

    You should always be skeptical of 5 star reviews, and while i am not saying Hellfire does this, but it is no secret that some companies do fill out their review pages with fake 5 star reviews. i am here to tell you that this is not the case here, i am a real customer, and this is really the best green sauce to ever exist.

    why else would i pay so much money to keep getting it? Hellfire truly live up to the high standards of artisan sauces. also, if you're afraid of this sauce because the name is "Roasted Reaper" then don't be, that is just the gimmick (Green Carolina Reapers are the last ingredient) so the heat is medium depending on your tolerance.

    you will not be disappointed by this sauce, it is amazing on practically any Mexican food, from tacos (American to authentic Mexican style), burritos, and even tamales and enchiladas (though i prefer red sauces on these, this is still on par for a green sauce).

    if you have too much heat tolerance, you might even find this sauce too mild, in that case, try out Infierno De Ajo Verde - The Ultimate Taco Sauce, also on Hellfire's webstore.