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Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce 2 Pack
Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce 2 Pack

    Not Your Mama’s BBQ Sauce 2 Pack

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    Hellfire Hot Sauce “Not Your MaMa’s BBQ Sauce” Apricot Reaper This is not your average BBQ sauce, this is a gourmet sauce containing over 25 natural ingredients to create the tastiest BBQ sauce you’ve ever experienced! This deliciously sweet and spicy BBQ sauce is spicier than your average BBQ sauce! Sure to please chileheads and BBQ aficionados alike. A tomato based BBQ sauce created with fire roasted tomatoes, fire roasted jalapeños, cayenne peppers and Carolina reaper peppers for heat, apricots, honey, pure maple syrup for sweetness, a hint of Arabica coffee, sun dried tomatoes, onions, spices and plenty of garlic! This stuff is incredibly tasty! Great on Ribs, Chicken, Pork, Ham, Beef, Seafood, Shrimp, Steaks and Burgers. Amazing on Barbecue Chicken Pizza! Excellent Dipping Sauce for Chicken Nuggets and Fries! We think you’ll really enjoy the “Not Your MaMa’s” lineup of BBQ sauces!